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TransFormations, one of the longest running clinical conferences focused on working with Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) communities in the US, returns in March 2025. This year’s theme centers around life span issues within the TGD community. 

We welcome case presentations, research, theoretical, and interdisciplinary proposals. Your proposal must be of material that is unpublished in an effort to keep our conference on the cutting edge and the possibility of publishing the conference proceedings. Please submit an abstract no longer than 500 words and a 200 word bio of each presenter. Presenters will have 50 min to present. We encourage submissions from individuals from historically underrepresented groups. Specific areas could include:

  • Clinical work across the life span
  • Prospective and retrospective research studies
  • Theory & practice considerations across the lifespan
  • Trans youth
  • Trans elders
  • Clinical practice in politically dangerous times
  • Aging
  • Loss
  • Trauma’s effect across the lifespan
  • Identity development
  • Intersectionality
  • Countertransference
  • Supervision

Accepted presenters are offered free entrance into the conference. This is an in-person conference in New York City. Submit your proposal to PCGS@icpnyc.org Deadline: September 16, 2024

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