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LGBTQ Clinical Certification Program

The PCGS LGBTQ Clinical Certification training modules are open to the entire ICP community and interested clinicians from outside. Please visit our modules page for upcoming events.

LGBTQ Clinical Certification

PCGS’s Clinical Certification is the first training program of its kind. It is an exciting opportunity for all clinicians who seek specialized training in the treatment of the LGBTQ population of the 21st century. Therapists who complete 6 learning modules over 3 or more years, in conjunction with weekly supervision and the fulfillment of at least 3 fee-for-service patient hours per week, are eligible for LGBTQ Clinical Certification. Therapists in the certification program will receive group supervision; fee-for-service payment; reduced rates to other ICP seminars and modules; invaluable networking connections; and the opportunity for private patient referral.

NEW Transgender Concentration

PCGS now offers specialized training for clinicians seeking to learn more about practicing within the Transgender Community. Like other Certification Candidates, participants attend weekly group supervision, enroll in seminars and see fee-for-service patients through the Institute, but with a transgender specialization.

Continuing Clinical Education

All LGBTQ Clinical Certification modules are open to clinicians seeking to expand their practical knowledge in working with the LGBTQ population. Completion of modules and qualifying seminars or conferences can be credited to fulfill the certificate program requirements. To meet the needs of clinicians with limited clinical experience with the LGBTQ population, PCGS offers the LGBTQ Clinical Foundations Module.

LGBTQ Clinical Certification Program Requirements


  • Program application and fees
  • NYS license
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Interview with program committee

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  • Admission requirements
  • Didactic requirements
  • Supervision and clinical requirements

Didactic Requirements

Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 6 modules. One module must be LGBTQ Clinical Foundations. 

LGBTQ Clinical Foundations Module

The purpose of this module is to provide clinicians with a foundation of knowledge for working with the LGBTQ population (e.g., coming out, internalized homophobia, sexual roles, couples, families, life stage issues, abuse, violence, health, and substance abuse).


LGBTQ focused modules, seminars, or conferences that address specific disorders, clinical issues, populations, and modalities. 

Supervision and Clinical Requirements

  • 3 patient hours a week
  • Group supervision once a week
  • Satisfactory evaluation by the supervisor

Program Fees

$75 Application Fee
3-4 hour Workshops

  • $25 per hour*
  • 50% discount available to current students

6-9 hour Training Modules

  • $25 per session*
  • 50% discount available to current students

Summer Sexuality Series Fees*:

  • $75 for Graduate Students (with ID)
  • $200 for ICP and PCGS Community
  • $250 for Outside Clinical Community

*Please note a $15 processing fee applies to all modules and workshops for those wishing to obtain CE Units.