In the aftermath of 9/11, clinicians at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy with an interest in trauma came together to learn more about overwhelming life events. Our first endeavor was to form the Trauma Study Group to learn more about the theory and treatment of trauma. Out of this initiative grew—a training program that would incorporate the newest findings in the field of traumatology to provide state-of-the-art training to individuals seeking a specialization in trauma treatment. The Trauma Studies Center opened its doors in Fall 2005, and graduated its first class in June 2007. Since that time we have developed a treatment service that focuses on the clinical needs of trauma survivors.The Trauma Studies Center also recognizes the importance of trauma awareness in the New York Metropolitan area. Through our Community Education Committee we provide seminars and training programs to human services and educational institutions. We also provide advanced trauma training for mental health professionals and trainees through weekend workshops. For more information regarding our training offers, scroll over to our Training tabs.