ICP Main Number 212-333-3444

Andrea Green-Lewis, LCSW-R – Director of Operations x102

Mary Labiento – Associate Director of Operations x110 

Shea Smith, LMSW, MA – Program Manager (Trauma Division) x105

Tobin Berliner, MPH – Program Manager (PCGS & STP Divisions) x109

Oranda Barnes – Program Manager (AT Division & FACTS Division) x114

Maeve Hanley – Program Manager (Analytic and 2Yr Program) x107

Emily Stainkamp, MA – Program Manager (CSAB Division) x117

Ely Castro – Payroll Administrator x113

Ribert Morette – Administrative Coordinator x106

Ann Marie Kennedy – Insurance Billing x627

Tobin Berliner, MPH –  Compliance Administrator x109

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