2021 Transgender Mental Health Symposium

Every two years, the Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality, a division of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, sponsors a clinical conference exploring the psychodynamics of psychotherapeutic theory and practice in the context of trans identities.

Our 7th biannual conference, November 12 & 13, 2021, will focus on consideration of living as transgender/gender non-binary (TGNB) in the 21st Century. How are clinicians approaching psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with TGNB people in this first quarter of the 21st Century? What are the challenges for our clients and us in this current climate? How are we prepared to meet what’s next? What clinical skills should we be focused on to meet clinical demands? Even though this is a clinical conference, we encourage clinicians and academics across disciplines to broaden the dialogue on these topics.

With intersectionality and interdisciplinary engagement in mind, some topics of interest might include:

  • Political/collective trauma
  • Disability
  • Child and adolescent lives
  • Identity formation
  • Sexuality and sexual functioning
  • Non-binary identities
  • Aging
  • Generational similarities and differences
  • BIPOC lives
  • Asia, South Asia and Pacific Islander lives
  • Technology
  • TGNB-identified providers
  • Partners and family dynamics
  • Psychological and social implications of medical and clinical advances

Conference papers may have the opportunity to be published. Each presentation will be one hour in length. Presenters do not pay to go to the conference.

A Note on Going Virtual:
Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our communities, PCGS and ICP have made the decision to utilize a virtual platform for our 2021 Symposium. A limited number of workshops will be selected from the proposals. Details on keynote and pleneraies are coming soon.

Submit Your Proposal

Please submit a 500-word abstract along with a 250-word bio for each presenter by June 1, 2021.