The PCGS program, a division of ICP, was developed in 1997 to provide affordable, informed treatment to LGBTQ individuals , couples, and families in a safe and nurturing environment. Members of the LGBTQ community, and those questioning their sexuality, confront unique emotional challenges. While struggling internally for self-acceptance, we face harsh external realities that challenge that very process. Here at the PCGS program, we understand the deep and complex issues members of the LGBTQ community face through their lives.

In addition to providing direct treatment services to the LGBTQ community, PCGS offers specialized training for therapists working within the LGBTQ community. PCGS’s Clinical Certification Program is the first training program of ┬áits kind. Therapists in the certification program receive group supervision, fee-for-service payment, reduced rates to other ICP seminars and modules; and invaluable networking connections.