In 1982 ICP was the first NYC psychoanalytic institute to open its doors to family and couples therapy training.  Back then this was an extremely radical idea forged out of ICP’s mission to address peoples’ real problems in living.  From these roots FACTS – the Family and Couples Treatment and Training Service – emphasized the importance of working with clients through an empathic-relationship perspective.

As the family and couples field progresses, FACTS builds on its interpersonal foundation, integrating the most forward-thinking developments in the field.  Along with a strength-based, solution-focused perspective, the FACTS program reflects the optimism and resilience that has characterized ICP’s history as an institution.

Our trainees acquire a solid understanding of traditional family therapy approaches – systemic, structural, life cycle. From there we move on to study attachment theory, neuroscience, EFT, and trauma theory.  FACTS’ openness to integrating the most useful of these approaches – including breakthroughs in psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral practice – sets it apart from other postgraduate programs.