Executive Committee

CSAB’s Executive Committee meets bimonthly to discuss our clinic, training program, and other programming.

CSAB’s Executive Committee Includes:

Jill E. Daino, LCSW, Director

Jacob Pine, LCSW, Co-Director

Jill M. Pollack, LCSW, BCD

Jill M. Pollack, LCSW, BCD, is a licensed Clinical Social Workers. She is a graduate of the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University. She has been working in the field of eating disorders for over two decades. In 1998, she became a member of the CSAB Executive Committee and has been the director of CSAB since 2001. During her tenure, CSAB’s psychodynamic training program was revamped to include behavioral techniques to create an integrated program including CBT and DBT. Also during this time, CSAB became an active participant in many eating disorder awareness weeks. She also set up CSAB’s Advisory Board. The most recent project includes a webinar series which is now in its fourth year. Our participants for these webinars are clinicians from all over the world i.e. Japan, Zimbabwe, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, and (South American country). In 2014 we will expand with a joint program to train registered dieticians in the techniques of psychotherapy for eating disorders. This program is a joint effort of CSAB and BALANACE eating disorder treatment center. Ms. Pollack is an active member of AED, IAEDP, NEDA, AAPCSW, and NYSSCSW.

Naomi Haber, LCSW

Naomi Haber, LCSW, is a faculty member and supervisor at CSAB and is on the executive board. She received her MSW from Columbia University in 1979, worked for 11 years at JBFCS, and then obtained specialty training in eating disorders through CSAB in 1990. She has been in private practice since 1986 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In her practice with eating disorder patients, she uses an individualized approach and integrates psychodynamic interventions with behavioral techniques such as CBT and mindfulness.

Allison Jupiter, LCSW-R, CEDS

Claudia Paradise, LCSW

Marissa Sappho, LCSW

Lynn Schultz, LCSW

Susan Souder, LCSW

Victoria Wurman, LCSW

Victoria Wurman, LCSW is a longtime member of the Executive Committee of CSAB. She heads the Curriculum Committee, and is a supervisor and faculty member for the Training Program. She received her analytic training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, as well as her training in eating disorders and in trauma. She has a particular interest in integrating somatic and meditative approaches with cognitive and analytic work.