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March 2024

Spring in Central Park
Spring in Central Park

Hello ICP Community,

I trust everyone is managing well in these trying times and that the start of Spring brings hope for brighter days ahead. Beginning with this email, please expect quarterly ICP community update emails. There is a lot to share and I look forward to your feedback. 

  • Our new website launched on Friday!  Our newly designed, user-friendly, and might I say beautiful website, is now live. Please access it at the same url:  www.icpnyc.org .  Over time we plan to add even more information to our website, including alumni/community accomplishments and publications.  Let us know what you think.
  • New Board Appointment: ICP is expanding our board of directors to create a more diverse, dynamic board who will bring various areas of expertise to ICP. There will be more board appointments over time, from both within and outside the ICP community.  Our board is thrilled to announce, Anna Suh, LMSW has joined our board. Some of you may know Anna as she is a graduate of our FACTS program and currently chairs the patient assignment committee for our adult treatment division. Anna has long been a generous supporter of ICP, giving of her time and talents whenever needed. We welcome Anna’s commitment, enthusiasm, and devotion to ICP and ICP’s mission and values.
  • Some hellos and goodbyes:
    • We have recently said goodbyes to:
      • Emily Stainkamp, our program manager for the CSAB and trauma divisions.  Much gratitude to Emily for all she has done in her time at ICP and we wish her much success in her future endeavors as she embarks on a new journey in the field of copywriting.
      • Kentrell Loftin, our receptionist of many years. We will miss Kentrell’s welcome at the front desk but are thrilled for him as he enters an engineering apprenticeship program.
    • Hello and welcome to three new staff members. They each bring unique qualities, skills and experience to ICP and I feel confident that they will each be a tremendous asset to ICP in their own way.
      • Welcome to Cara Hanhurst who joins us as the new program manager for CSAB. Cara will also over time have additional administrative responsibilities. Cara is a seasoned administrator who is eager to make her mark at ICP. We are thrilled to have Cara join our team.
      • We welcome Dominika Mazurová who joins us as the new program manager for our Trauma division. Dominika will also have additional responsibilities over time and like Cara, is an experienced administrator.  We are very excited to have Dominika join us.
      • Welcome to Rachel Cruz, our new front desk receptionist. Rachel’s warmth and friendliness at the front desk is sure to be a welcoming presence as people enter our institute.
  • What’s next in our DEI journey:
    • Our yearlong contract with, Bridget McCurtis, our organizational consultant has come to an end.  Bridget was instrumental in helping us to commence a profound journey towards meaningful change at ICP. Bridget facilitated a retreat for us this summer which helped us identify our strengths, challenges, needs, and areas of future growth and improvement. This resulted in us working on a Statement of Core Values, Mission and Vision Statement, which you can read on our website. Bridget also has been effective in helping us begin to map out a procedure for reporting and handling grievances so that anyone affiliated with ICP has options in reporting grievances that feels safe and confident that the concerns will be addressed. (more about that below). As Bridget moves on to her next projects, she is leaving ICP with a roadmap for our ongoing journey towards continued growth and improvement.  We have been so fortunate to work with Bridget and learn from her over the past year. Her legacy will live on through our ongoing efforts to become a more realized, accessible and inclusive institute.
    • A well-attended meeting was facilitated by our board member, Monroe France, on Feb. 22nd, with the initial focus to be on developing a DEI Statement for ICP.  Monroe who is an expert of DEI, reported that it was a lively meeting, with an open sharing of thoughts and ideas. The outcome of this meeting, based on the input received, was that ICP is not yet ready to develop a DEI statement, that more input from the community was needed. We listened and agree. Monroe has generously set aside time for three additional open forum meetings. Please attend one or all, we hope to hear from as many as you as possible, so that we move our DEI initiatives in the best direction to mee the needs of our community. We hope one of the results of this meeting is a draft of a DEI statement that ICP can utilize as a foundation for policy decisions, in a similar fashion to our ICP Statement of Core Values (see website). We intend for each meeting to provide space for an open exchange of thoughts and ideas and to build upon what was discussed in the previous meeting(s). The dates and zoom links for these meetings are as follows:

  • Committee Updates:
    • Mission/Vision Statement:  Please see our new website for ICP’s Mission and Vision Statements.  A committee of three dedicated ICP community members volunteered and worked thoughtfully and diligently to develop these statements, using our Statement of Core Values as their foundation.
    • Grievance Process:  Our grievance process committee, led by Rosemary Masters from ICP’s board, is well on it’s way towards completion. A completed draft is now being edited and reviewed. We should be ready to present this to the community for input within the next few weeks. Goals for this process was to provide the aggrieved party with options based on their own comfort level and their own perceived severity of the occurrence. The process includes opportunities for others to come forward, relieving the aggrieved party from the sole responsibility of reporting. There are options for reporting anonymously, as well as options as to whom the grievance may be reported to. Those who volunteer to serve on an ongoing grievance committee will receive training in effectively investigating and resolving grievances of all types, including DEI related.
  • Upcoming Events at ICP- It is an exciting time at ICP, with too many events to mention them all here. Please see our website for a complete list of our offerings and registration information but here are a few offerings in March and April to tweak your interest:
    • Adam Phillips at ICP: Our analytic program hosted an incredible two-day workshop with Adam Phillips this past weekend, with over 225 in attendance. We are fortunate to be able to extend our time with Adam during this week as we are hosting three in-person seminars at ICP 1.5 hours each on March 18th 19th and 20th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
    • Our FACTS program is hosting a presentation by Rosa Bramble, LCSW-R, “Using IFS to Explore the Impact of Immigration Challenges on Couples’ Relational Dynamics” on April 6th.
    • PCGS is presenting “LGBTQ History: Then & Now”.  Six classes on Fridays beginning on April 12th. Our instructors are Gary Jacobson, LCSW, Kathleen Miller, MFA, LCSW, Anna Kramarsky, Phd. (NOTE: This event has been postponed.)
    • SICP Weekend- Our treasured weekend event is back for the second time since the pandemic. We invite all in our ICP community to spend Saturday April 13th at ICP for our Alumni Association’s day of learning, lunch and community building. We hope you will participate in this event and contribute to reshaping SICP into a vibrant alumni association, welcoming all ICP graduates and affiliates from across all our training programs. Presentations are: “The Existential Scream” with Holly Levenkron, LCSW LICSW and Patricia Ticiento Clough, LP, and “Creativity and the Queering of the Psychotherapeutic Space” with Brian Harris, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT and Kristin Long, DPsa, RDT/BCT, LCAT, LP. We are hoping to have an optional dinner out to follow.
  • Please spread our news about our treatment and training programs and events!  All ICP open houses and workshops are posted on our Instagram, facebook and linked in pages.  Please feel free to share and forward our posts to interested groups and individuals. Our treatment programs accept referrals.
  • Meeting needs as they occur: We recently had our second workshop to help clinicians with the tremendous range of emotional turmoil our patients and ourselves, are faced with in light of all that is going on in our world and country.  “Restoring Connection and Reason in Times of Traumatic Stress, which was led so beautifully by Rosemary Masters, Faige Flakser, with a meaningful guided meditation by Lydia Denton. We endeavor to bring more timely events to ICP as new needs emerge.
  • Future goals and aspirations:
    • We will be working on bringing consistent and ongoing DEI trainings and learning opportunities to ICP
    • We endeavor to commence an assessment of our organization’s structures and finances soon.  This is a top priority to improve accessibility to our programs and ensure ICP’s future for many years to come. We are closely monitoring increased costs that are a serious concern.
    • We intend to work on fundraising and development in a more consistent manner, again to ensure accessibility and ICP’s future.
    • We strive to develop terms of office and succession planning strategies for division directors and volunteers, so that signing on for these rewarding and time consuming roles doesn’t mean signing on to it forever.
    • We will continue to outreach for volunteers to increase participation on our program’s committees to include and support the next generations of experts in the field
    • And speaking of volunteers…we are brainstorming for ways to offer meaningful perks and events to better show our appreciation.
    • We will continue to develop outreach strategies to connect with communities that are unaware of what ICP has to offer.
    • We aim to further develop SICP’s reach as an alumni association for graduates of all of our programs and our ICP community.
    • There’s always more…a good to do list keeps growing! There is always more to do, and more ideas on the horizon. Please reach out and help us add to our to-do list.  We welcome your ideas, input and participation.

Looking forward to creating a tradition of consistent, transparent, interactive communication. Please feel free to reach out either to my email or feedback@icpnyc.org.

Wishing everyone a Happy Spring and meaningful days ahead,



May 25, 2024
12:56 am EDT
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