Annual Appeal 2023

Dear valued members of our Community, Alumni, and Friends,

We trust this message finds you well enjoying the festive spirit of this time of year even while navigating the ongoing challenges we face daily in our nation and beyond.

In our 50+ year history, the demand for quality mental health training and treatment has never been more critical. Your pivotal role in our community has been instrumental in our success. This year, as we continue to focus on excellence and inclusivity in all aspects of our work, we turn to you for even greater support.

This Annual Appeal focuses on two paramount goals: training and treatment. Your assistance is crucial in providing access to training for clinicians, both seasoned and budding, seeking to enhance their expertise. Additionally, it ensures accessibility to treatment for those who may lack the means for high-quality care elsewhere.

This is How Your Generosity Makes a Difference:

Actively advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Your donations actively support DEI policies, programming and initiatives, creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment at ICP.

Empowering Futures through Scholarships: Your generosity serves as a catalyst for our BIPOC scholarship program, providing tuition for 41 scholars, plus we have awarded additional candidates with financial need about $20k in added financial aid, breaking down financial barriers to our transformative training programs.

Nurturing Professional Growth with Training and Education: Your generosity fuels our top-notch training programs and continuing education offerings. We’re training 130+ candidates and interns this year alone and we hope to expand our reach even further with your help.  Over 40 continuing education offerings this year are subsidized by your donations, maintaining moderate fees for our clinical community.

Enhancing Patient Services for New Yorkers: Your contribution plays a vital role in ensuring that many New Yorkers can access our high-quality services at an affordable sliding scale rate. 600+ patients, using insurance or self-paying with income-aligned fees, benefit from your generosity, sustaining a median self-pay fee just over $50 per session.

Amplifying Impact through Community Outreach: Your donation has a ripple effect, enabling us to reach out to more New Yorkers. We are committed to expanding outreach to serve clinicians and patients who are unaware of the life-changing benefits of institute training or treatment.

Your donations have made this possible, and this year, we face even greater needs. Your support transcends financial assistance; it actively shapes a more inclusive, accessible, and impactful future for our community.  

Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey.  We wish you and your families healthy, peaceful and happy holiday season.

All our best,

Ben Maddox, Ed.D.
Board Chair

Andrea Green Lewis, LCSW-R
Executive Director