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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

During the past year and a half, we have all witnessed astonishing challenge and community resilience. Life has, once again, proven to be more than who we are as individuals. Despite untimely and tragic losses touching so many, we have come together as a community. Since January of this year, ICP therapists have provided over 25,000 hours of sliding-scale treatment. With the dedication of ICP’s administrative staff, instructors and supervisors we’ve held approximately 50 virtual classes and supervision groups per week. All of us have worked together to offer significantly reduced fees for one hundred of ICP’s most financially hard-pressed patients. And, for the second year in a row, we’ve welcomed one of the largest and most diverse classes in our history.

At the same time over the past year, ICP has begun initiatives aimed at strengthening our commitment to antiracism and social justice. Central to these efforts is assuring greater accessibility to the Institute’s seven certificate training programs, and as you well know, our intensive programs demand a considerable commitment.  So, we are thrilled that last year with your help, ICP was able to nearly double its financial aid to trainees across all divisions, allowing us to also establish two full scholarships for BIPOC candidates, with three additional awards planned for September 2022.

Your donations to this year’s Annual Appeal and Scholarship Drive will further support candidates and trainees in every division, and your contributions will support antiracism education throughout the Institute. By participating you will enable ICP to stay the course in our commitment to reduce human suffering and promote social justice.

With so much effort from ICP’s community of candidates, trainees, supervisors, faculty and administrators, this is a moment to say “Thank You.” Especially as this winter of concern on so many levels of life approaches, it is a moment to express gratitude. Together, we have managed to create sparks of hope in countless peoples’ lives.

We offer our heartfelt Holiday and New Year wishes to everyone in the ICP community and beyond, for health, freedom from fear and oppression, and for peace!


Ron Taffel, Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Directors, ICP

Andrea Green-Lewis, LCSW-R
Director of Operations, ICP

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