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ICP’s Statement of Core Values

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The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy (ICP) commits to being a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist program where mental health treatment, training and practice is made as accessible as possible.
Commitment to Educational Excellence: Continuously improve and address the evolving needs of the population we serve to deliver pertinent clinical training with psychoanalytic/psychodynamic underpinnings.
  • Foster a climate of critical thinking and the courage to engage with the evolving nature of psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, systemic and other mental health theories and clinical practice.
  • Develop new cutting-edge training programs that adapt to the evolving needs of our diverse community.
  • Maintain an ever-present focus on accessibility, efficiency and adaptability.

Dedication to Achieving Exceptional Treatment Standards: Engage and maintain a best practices model that optimizes the experiences and outcomes and meets the unique needs of the New York City community we serve with excellence.
  • Best Practices for Patient Care: Commitment to a learning environment that prepares therapists to integrate and implement evolving understanding of good clinical practice.
  • Providing evidence-based and culturally sensitive mental health care that meets the highest standards of patient well-being.
  • Maintaining focus and continuously improve accessibility to care including commitment to sliding scale fees.

Establishment of an environment of trust, transparency, respect, communication, and collegiality.
  • Trust: Foster an environment of trust and confidentiality, where all individuals feel safe to share and receive support.
  • Transparency: Openly communicate policies, decisions, and initiatives to ensure clarity and understanding among our community on a consistent basis.
  • Communication: Encouraging open dialogue and active listening to promote understanding and collaboration among diverse perspectives.
  • Respect: Value and respect the unique identities, experiences, and cultures of all individuals, promoting a sense of belonging.
  • Collegiality: Foster social and professional connections and a meaningful community of colleagues.

Advancement of a just and inclusive learning and treatment environment, including continuous commitment to accessibility to educational and therapeutic services.
  • Examine the existing power system: Actively working to identify and address systemic biases, inequalities, and privileges, including those stemming from white privilege.
  • Address Past and Ongoing Harm: Acknowledging historical injustices and actively addressing any harm caused by our organization, while working to prevent further harm.
  • Ongoing Actionable DEI Initiatives: Continuously implement meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that drive positive change.
  • Examine and address issues around conduct and ethics implementing a code of ethics and conduct and procedures for addressing violations and complaints.
  • Foster, encourage and support the development and orderly succession of new leadership both within ICP and in the mental health community generally.
  • Foster a climate of critical thinking and the courage to engage with the evolving nature of mental health theory and clinical practice
  • Address both local and global crises when our expertise as healers is needed.

Invest in a solid organizational structure that promotes diversity and financial inclusion.
  • Financial Restructuring: Invest in financial expertise to guide ICP, ensuring equitable distribution of resources to bolster DEI initiatives, increase access to high-quality care, and provide fair and competitive compensation.
  • Development, Fundraising and Public Relations to secure the future of ICP. Develop ongoing and consistent strategies in collaboration with stakeholders and the community to proactively raise funds and resources that support our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in mental health, ensuring accessible and high-quality training and care for all individuals.
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to operational Excellence (policy, process, standards, finance).
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