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FAQs - 4-YR: ICP


FAQ’s when considering psychoanalytic training

Can I work while I complete the training?

Yes it is possible! Many of our candidates have negotiated a work schedule while in training, with employment at clinics, their own private practice, or at colleges and universities. You will need to consider your “class day” (Wednesday 12:00 – 5:45), which follows the same schedule for all four years.  In addition to class hours, you should consider the time needed to see patients, two weekly required supervision hours, your personal analysis and reading time for coursework.

Is there financial aid?

The analytic program does have a limited financial aid package. If you would like to inquire about financial assistance, please speak to the program manager during the application process.

Do I get paid for seeing clients?

Candidates receive a stipend that increases as you accrue patient hours.  It is received in one monthly check. Further information is detailed on this website.

I don't have much clinical experience, should I still apply?

Yes, there are multiple factors we use to determine suitability for our program. Although some candidates hold a license in a mental health profession and have been working in the field, many are just beginning their careers or are transitioning from other fields such as academia or the arts.  If you are committed to advanced training, please join us at an Open House or call our program manager to ask questions. We welcome your application.

Am I required to write papers?

We are very interested in psychoanalytic writing. While not all candidates want to write initially, we offer several opportunities to mentor you in this area. A short writing assignment is assigned in one class each year. In the fourth year candidates are required to complete a final case study based on the control case (three times weekly patient). This paper is then presented to the candidate body. A course is offered in the 4th year that is designed to prepare the candidate for writing this 4th year presentation. This is a very exciting rite of passage and candidates remember it as a milestone of their training.

How many patients will I be assigned?

The number of assigned patients varies according to track. Candidates in the Standard Institute Track and Qualifying Program for Licensed Psychoanalysts will carry a minimum of 6 ICP patients per week. Candidates in the Combined Institute and Outside Caseload Track will carry a minimum of 4 ICP patients a week (in addition to their approved 2 patients from their outside caseload.)

Are there other opportunities for seminars?

Yes. There are seminars and guest speakers throughout the year open to ICP candidates on varying topics from the other divisions at ICP (PCGS, TRAUMA, FACTS, CSAB, CATS,). Please see the website and calendar for more information about these divisions and available learning opportunities.

Who can apply?

You must have completed a Masters degree to apply for training. Please see eligibility requirements on the website for more information.

If I am not licensed in a mental health field, can I apply?

Yes. While many candidates are licensed in a mental health field this is not a prerequisite for the LP track. Many candidates have Masters degrees or PhDs in non-mental health fields.

What are the main elements of training?

Training has multiple major elements: theoretical and clinical coursework, individual and group supervision, clinical work with patients and personal analysis.

How do I find an analyst?

ICP will assist you in finding you an analyst trained at the institute or you may get recommendations on your own. We will provide you with a list of ‘reduced fee’ ICP analysts. If you have an analyst you are free to continue working with them as long as they meet the training requirements of ICP and have been in practice for a minimum of five years.

How do I find a supervisor?

The institute will provide you with a list of available supervisors.  Candidates are responsible to interview and select a supervisor(s) for each year of training.

Where will I see patients?

As a licensed professional, you may see patients at the institute or in your private office. If you are not licensed you must see patients at ICP. (ICP patients with in-network insurance must also be seen at ICP.)

Realistically, will I be able to complete the program in 4 years?

Yes. Most candidates complete the program in four years.  Some may take an extra year to make revisions on their paper or finish accruing patient hours.

How much does training at ICP cost?

Tuition for the academic year of 2022-2023 $3,000 for classes. Clinical supervision is $50 per hour twice a week and you will need to take into account the cost of your analysis.  Analyst fees are agreed upon between you and your analyst. You must complete three times weekly analysis for a minimum duration of two years (240 hours.)  During the other two years there is a minimum of twice weekly analysis. Note: While a candidate is seeing a control case, the candidate must be in three times weekly treatment.

What will I have after I graduate from the program?

Upon graduation you will have a Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.