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Training Committee - 4-YR: ICP

Training Committee

The Training Committee frames the vision of the psychoanalytic program and oversees all aspects of the on-going training of candidates. This includes review of candidates’ progress towards fulfilling both the Institute’s requirements for a certificate in psychoanalysis and the New York State’s requirements for the license in psychoanalysis.

Members of the Training Committee serve as advisors to candidates. Members also serve as leaders for each class’s 3-times yearly process meetings.

The Training Committee is comprised of members who have experience as faculty, supervisors and/or have trained at ICP. Presently the Committee consists of the Director, Holly Levenkron, LCSW-R, LICSW; and members Patricia T. Clough, PhD, LP; Susan Gair, LCSW-R; Pearl-Ellen Gordon, PhD; Diane Lopez, LCSW; Kathleen Del Mar Miller, LCSW; and Ann Roberts, LCSW-R.