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Faculty - 4-YR: ICP



The members of our faculty bring a wealth of clinical experience and theoretical knowledge to the wide range of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic coursework in our curriculum.


Ilana Attie, PhD

Anthony Bass, PhD

Luc Olivier Charlap, PhD, LCSW-R

Velleda Ceccoli, PhD

Patricia Clough, PhD, LP

Edward Corrigan, PhD

Anthony Cianci, LCSW

Jonathan Eger, PsyD

Heather Ferguson, LCSW

Mark Gerald, PhD

Stefanie Glennon, PhD

Katie Hall, LCSW-R

Anton Hart, PhD

Holly Levenkron, LCSW-R, LICSW

Gary Jacobson, LCSW

Rhona Kaplan, LCSW-R

Brian Koehler, PhD

Leah Lipton, LCSW

Richard Loewus, PhD

Ed Mandelbaum, LCSW

Robert Millner, LCSW

James Ogilvie, PhD

Susan O’Kuhn, LCSW

Jean Petrucelli, PhD

Gordon Powell, LCSW-R

Thomas Rini, LMHC

Ann Roberts, LCSW-R

Linda Rosenberg, LCSW-R

Jill Salberg, PhD

Michelle Shubin, LCSW

Sandy Silverman, LCSW-R

Alan Sirote, LCSW-R

Steven Spitz, PhD

James Stoeri, PhD

Robert Watson Jr, PhD

David Yourman, PhD

Stefan Zicht, PsyD