“I am seeing that many of the techniques discussed in classes and the approaches theorized by experts are part of my process as a therapist, even if I had not fully realized it.” — Sara F., as a 1st year candidate.

“I found myself more comfortable as a therapist when I stopped feeling as if I had to ‘act like a therapist.’ These gaps of knowledge that I feared seemed less relevant when I focused less on being an expert and more on being myself.” — Sara F.

“As I realized that doing something amazing each week is not the point, I have found that amazing things do keep happening – typically without conscious effort on my part – and that these moments of … connection, clarity or even confusion keep me excited about each week. It has been a joy to see [patients]…even after a long day, and I feel relaxed … knowing that … something meaningful will emerge, and that each relationship has a uniqueness to it that is valuable.” — Sara F., while in the 1 st year of the program.

“I took the 2-year program in contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy because I wanted to understand the psychotherapeutic process better and become a better therapist. I really enjoyed the classes, and our group became a close peer circle. We are still in touch, supporting each other after our two years of formal training. The faculty members were experienced, open-minded, and stimulating. The class environment was supportive and I felt safe to express myself. At the end of the two years I found myself wanting more, so I decided to continue my training in the 4-year analytical program.” G.G.