Trauma Studies Cooperative

  • The Trauma Studies Cooperative meets on alternate Wednesdays at ICP from 1:00-2:30pm. It is a continuation of the original group that began meeting after 9/11 and was the inspiration for the Trauma Studies Center.
  • The Trauma Studies Cooperative:
    • Invites speakers on a variety of topics of interest to those in the trauma field.
    • Studies pertinent material and theories as a group
    • Provides for community and support for this difficult work
    • Offers innovative models of treatment
  • The Trauma Studies Cooperative is open to all mental health professionals with an interest in understanding or treating trauma. Participation is by request. Regular attendance is encouraged in order to maintain group cohesiveness.


  • To join the Trauma Study Cooperative please contact the Trauma Program Manager at 212-333-3444 ext.105 or email

Selected Former Presentations

  • Dissociative Aspects of Trauma (year-long course)
  • Ambiguous Loss
  • Allan Schore: Neurobiology and Attachment
  • Exposure Therapy
  • A Review of Deborah Korn: Resourcing for EMDR with Severely Dysregulated Patients
  • Understanding Phillip Bromberg: “Awakening the Dreamer”
  • Therapeutic Work with Cult Members
  • “Focusing”: The work of Gene Gendlin