Young Adults

Psychotherapy is an invaluable tool for LGBTQ-identified people. Affirmative therapy can potentially help young people improve their lives in the short term and over the long term by laying a positive and strong foundation for personal growth.

Dealing with issues from coming out to friends and family, to shame, emotional distress, anxiety, violence, abuse, and sexual problems, PCGS therapists are trained to treat a wide range of mental health issues, and are attuned to the unique problems of the LGBTQ-identified community.

PCGS Youth Program

PCGS’s Youth Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of LGBTQ-identified 18-24 year olds. Issues pertinent to this group may include:
• The coming out process
• Problems with parents & family
• Problems at school/college
• Religious & cultural identities
• Queer, trans, & fluid identities
• Life transitions
• Dating & relationships
• Sex
• Addiction & compulsive behaviors
• Career challenges
• HIV/AIDS & other STIs
• Self-esteem
• Body Image