Supervision of four-year training candidates is an integral part of the program at ICP. All ICP supervisors have psychology doctorates, are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), or are licensed psychiatric nurses. Indeed, many supervisors are also instructors in the Four-Year Training Program, and have a commitment to ICP that has lasted for several decades. Their clinical and theoretical approaches in working with supervisees, while individualistic, may emphasize Self Psychology, or Relational, Interpersonal, Object Relational, or Modern Freudian perspectives.

In all cases, the center of attention will be on the individual supervisee, and her/his individual patient.

ICP supervisors hold to several key constants in characterizing their work with supervisees. They see the supervisory process as a dialogue or collaboration. Their goal is to create an atmosphere where the candidate can evolve and identify her/his ‘own voice.’ They are mindful of the importance of making the supervisee aware of ‘listening.’ They focus on aspects of transference/countertransference. And they are emphatic on the need for ‘safety’ for both supervisee and patient.


Miri Abramis, PhD
Frances LaBarre, PhD
Ellen Arfin, LCSW
Benjamin Lapkin, PhD
Christopher Bandini, LCSW
Linda Larkin, PhD
Missy Barshay, LCSW
Ella Lasky, PhD
Janet Baumann, LCSW
John LaValle, PhD
Bruce Berman, PhD
Fred Lipschitz, PhD
Sheila Bleckner, LCSW
Leah Lipton, LCSW
Simone Bloch, LCSW
Mary Anne Lowell, LCSW
Barbara Bolas, PhD
Barry Magid, MD
Marianne Buchenhorner, PhD
Dale Markowitz, LCSW
Sandra Buechler, PhD
Rosemary Masters, LCSW
Diane Burhenne, PhD
John McCormick, PhD
Annabella Bushra, PhD
Mark Mellinger, PhD
Jennifer Capobianco, LCSW
Barbara O’Connor, LCSW
Marie-Helene Charlap, PhD
Gordon Powell, LCSW
Ed Corrigan, PhD
David Rappaport, PhD
Lee Crespi, LCSW
Sallie Raynor, MSN, RN, CS
Harold Davis, PhD
Ann Roberts, LCSW
Victoria Demos, PhD
Mark Roberts, LCSW
Susan Dubin, LCSW
Marty Rock, PhD
Aviva Druks, PhD
Kathy Roe, MA, NCPsya
Barbara Dusansky, PhD
Linda Rosenberg, LCSW
Rosy Rosenkrantz, LCSW
James Egen, LCSW
Ann Eisenstein, LCSW
Jill Salberg, PhD
Barbara Eisold, LCSW
Amy Schaffer, PhD
Helen Fosbery, LCSW
Judith Schapiro, LCSW
Irna Gadd, LCSW
Ellen Shumsky, LCSW
Susan Gair, LCSW
Sandy Silverman, LCSW
Stefanie Solow Glennon, PhD
Alan Sirote, LCSW
Dodi Goldman, PhD
Michael Stern, PhD
Leslie Goldstein, LCSW
Barbara Suter, PhD
Andrew Goodman, LCSW
Ezra Teitelbaum, PhD, LCSW
Kathleen Grace, LCSW
Brenda Tepper, PhD
Rivka Greenberg, PhD
Shake Topalian, MA, RN, CS
Nancy Gubman, LCSW
Don Troise, LCSW
Hannah Hahn, PhD
Steven Tublin, PhD
Katie Hall, LCSW
Michael Varga, PhD
Evelyn Hartman, PhD
Tatiana Massine Weinbaum, LCSW
Patricia Hecht, PhD
Joan Weiner, LCSW
Mara Heiman, LCSW
Rebecca Wertkin, LCSW
Leslie Hendelman, LCSW
Vicky Wurman. LCSW
Anita Herron, PhD
Eli Zal, LCSW
Claire Hertz, LCSW
Denise Zalman, LCSW
Laura Impert, LCSW
Gary Jacobson, LCSW
Linda Kane, LCSW
Judith Kaplan, LCSW
Robert Katz, PhD
Steven Knoblauch, PhD