The ICP four-year training program faculty members listed below are experts in their field of study, and bring to candidates a wealth of clinical experience and theoretical knowledge. They are committed to the development of our analytic candidates, with many instructors having taught at ICP for decades. All have received psychology doctorates, or are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s). They are graduates of psychoanalytic and psychotherapy institutes such as William Allison White, NIP, NYU’s Postdoctoral Program, as well as ICP’s Certificate Program itself.

Our faculty teaches a wide range of courses, encompassing both traditional and more contemporary approaches to working with patients. These include, in addition to a Freud sequence, courses in Self Psychology, and courses in Relational, Interpersonal, and Object Relations theory and practice. More specialized courses address such issues as: Transference/Countertransference, Dreams, Listening, and Termination. Clinical Case Seminars enhance and bring to life the theoretical material, as do Group Supervision Seminars.

ICP four-year faculty encourages and welcomes candidate input, questions, and curiosity about their complex, inter-subjective evolution toward becoming analysts.



Sandra Buechler, PhD

Lo Charlap, PhD

Joanne Clark, LCSW-R

Edward Corrigan, PhD

Mark Gerald, LCSW

Deborah Glazer, PhD

Pearl-Ellen Gordon, LCSW

Katie Hall, LCSW

Leslie Hendelman, LCSW

Gary Jacobson, LCSW

Richard Loewus, PhD

Lisa Lyons, PhD

Mark Mellinger, PhD

Robert Milner, LCSW

Susan O’Kuhn, LCSW

Jean Petrucelli, PhD

Lynn Preston, MA, MS

David Rappaport, PhD

Evelyn Rappaport, LCSW

Thomas Rini, LMHC

Ann Roberts, LCSW

Linda Rosenberg, LCSW

Jill Salberg, LCSW

Amy Schaffer, PhD

Michelle Shubin, LCSW

Ellen Shumsky, LCSW-R

Sandy Silverman, LCSW-R

Alan Sirote, LCSW-R

Steven Spitz, PhD

Jim Stoeri, PhD

Don Troise, LCSW

Robert Watson Jr, PhD