ICP’s 4-Year Analytic Training Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is provides intensive training for doing in-depth treatment. The convergence of the candidate’s personal analysis, concentrated supervision, active caseload, study of a wide variety of theories of treatment, and the freedom to share experiences with a dedicated group of professionals results in a profound life experience for the candidate.

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4-Yr Training Program

ICP offers potential Analytic candidates a New York state accredited track leading to License in Psychoanalysis (LP). The 4-Yr Psychoanalytic Training program is designed for qualified post-graduate candidates desiring to pursue, in an atmosphere of collegial community, contemporary classical, relational, and interpersonal theories of analytical study.

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Sense of Community

The design of the Four Year program integrates candidates into a vibrant, diverse, and professional learning community. Faculty, supervisors, candidates, graduates and staff have myriad opportunities to collaborate and develop meaningful relationships. Notably, three staff members have been with ICP for over twenty years. Candidates and graduates frequently remark on the way in which ICP becomes their professional home.

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